KVARTTI, Aulis Blomstedt (1961)

The body of Kvartti is made of thin chrome plated steel and it is assembled by Ilpo Niiranen in Levyx Oy, Klaukkala. Because the metallic body is extremely thin compared to the mass of the seat cushioning, the body is strengthened by a solid board. The slim legs are supported by solid steel rods inside the steel tubes.
When the body is finished, it is upholstered with four separate cushions covered by black leather at the Halonen upholstery in Helsinki. Antero Saarinen, the master upholsterer, builds a box of veneer inside the cushions to help them maintain the firmness and the shape as planned by the designer.
Width 70 cm, depth 58, 5 cm, height 63,5 cm


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