On Tour

Modern Historic 1900 – On Tour

Exhibition in Paris 19.1.2012 – 25.2.2012

The exhibition tour will start in January 2012. The first exhibition after Helsinki will be in Paris between 19.1.-25.2.2012. The opening ceremonies will take place in 18.1. The “Modern Historic 1900”-exhibition will be the pilot show for the Institute Finlandais series of satellite exhibitions highlighting the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 events. The PR and communications for our exhibition in France will be jointly taken care of by Institute Finlandais and Musee d’Orsay.


Exhibition at Design Forum Finland 28.10.2011 – 27.11.2011

The masterpieces of furniture that are manufactured for the Modern Historic 1900 Collection are presented in the exhibition at Design Forum Finland. Hand in hand with the opening of the exhibition also the book telling the stories of the collection, “Furniture of the Finnish Masters”, will be released.